Geneva Sightseeing & Shopping

Sightseeing in Geneva

Geneva is an amazing European city, with Lac Leman as the central focus, and a fantastic backdrop of mountains.

The Jet d’Eau or Water Jet projects water up to 140 metres in the air and is the emblem of the city of Geneva.

Geneva is the headquarters of the United Nations and you can take a guided tour of the Palais des Nations to learn more about its European significance.

The Old Town is worthy of a visit, with old streets and buildings of architectural beauty, as well as the 1000 year old Saint Peters cathedral which took over 400 years to build.

The Parc des Bastions is tree-lined and bustling in the Summer months, and also houses the Reformation Wall, a reminder of Geneva’s colourful history as the homeland of Reformation.

Finally the Red Cross Museum is worth a visit and we recommend leaving some time for a stroll along the shores of Lac Leman.

  • Activity: Sightseeing
  • Location: Geneva
  • When: All year
  • Distance: 2 hours by car, 20 minutes by helicopter

Shopping in Geneva

Although Geneva is a small city, it has plenty to offer in the way of retail therapy.

Place du Molard is home to designer boutiques and department stores such as Globus, one of Switzerlands high end shops stocked with international brands as well as a popular food hall.

Eaux Vives, Carouge and Quartier des Bains are full of interesting and creative boutiques with fashion and arts and crafts shops selling many one off items.

There are many concept stores such as Le Bar des Createurs, housed in an old art gallery and featuring a bookshop, beauty room and hairdressers. Also, Les Enfants Terribles which is a part design workshop, part emporium an part bar and quite a cool space.

Geneva has a fair share of Art dealers and Watch Makers, and when all the shopping is over, there are plenty of amazing places to eat and drink and enjoy the ambience of this very cosmopolitan city.

  • Activity: Shopping
  • Location: Geneva
  • When: All year
  • Distance: 2 hours by car, 20 minutes by helicopter
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